Kasey 2



I am going to bring passion to my role as a representative. I want to engage the people of this community. I want them to know the political process has not forgotten them. I want my fellow legislators to see my passion and know that Whitfield County means business.



I want to provide opportunities. Opportunities for the youth thru education. Opportunities for college graduates thru jobs. Opportunity for businesses in the form of less regulation and more opportunities to thrive. Opportunity for Georgia to be the best state in the nation to live and work.


Less Government

Government has gotten too large. It does not create jobs. It does not create wealth. It does not create opportunities. Government should protect. It should protect our rights, protect the free market and protect the incapable. It has gotten involved in too many areas of our lives. I will do my best to change this in a common sense manner.


As a State Representative I will serve Whitfield County and Dalton with the same passion and energy that I have served my customers at the Oakwood Cafe. I will protect the rights of our citizens while looking outside the box for solutions to the complex problems facing our state and our county. I will always try to support less government and less regulation, while focusing heavily on the economic prosperity of this great state. I will listen to both sides of an issue no matter who is pushing a bill and will stop at nothing to make sure I leave our children a better Georgia.


As a small business owner I take pride in building my small business. Small businesses are what built Georgia, and will continue to build Georgia's future.

Here are some of the activities Kasey has been engaged in:

  • 1996 - Kasey was the State Champion Wrestler for Dalton High School
  • 2001 - Graduated from UGA with Cum Laude Honors in Finance
  • 2004 - Graduated from Leadership Dalton-Whitfield
  • 2009 - Oakwood Cafe (Market location) won the Clayton County Small Business of the Year Award
  • 2010 - Kasey won the first Rising Star Award from Junior Achievement
  • 2011 - The Oakwood Cafe achieved getting ranked in the Bulldog 100
  • 2012 - Kasey won the first Small Business Person of the Year Award from the Dalton Chamber of Commerce
  • 2012 - The Oakwood Cafe (again) achieved getting ranked in the Bulldog 100
  • 2014 - Kasey and his wife both graduated from Leadership Georgia